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For 32 years, part of our mission is to constantly develop and manufacture workplace chairs that attend to the needs of our customers and clients.

Given this, we’re proud to introduce to you the Memory Replica chair and the Soul chair.


The Memory Replica Chair

The original Memory chairs were sought-after for its classic look, giving off both a mid-century and modern sophisticated look. By popular demand and today’s rising trend for classic-looking boardrooms, we’re launching the Memory Replica chairs.


The Memory Replica range is a departure from the traditional solid seat shell and evolved to support a stretched seat back suspension. They are the finest quality American Designed workplace chairs available in Australia, taking the classic model, enhancing durability and comfort to deliver an iconic range of workplace chairs for the modern workplace and boardroom.

So if you’re planning on elevating your company’s boardroom space, the Memory Replica chairs could be a refreshing option!

Boardroom and workplace chairs should be made to last and not sag. Premium quality is a prime consideration for this chair design as they are a “slung upholstered” style of chair. This means that unlike almost every other chair, they don’t have a solid seat base structure. Cheaper & poorer quality replica chair models “sag’ over time, and eventually the stitching comes apart rendering the chair useless.

The best part about it as well is that the Memory Replica chairs are built for life and covered by our industry best, factory backed Lifetime Warranty.

“Premium quality is vital for a slung upholstered chair, for longevity in a workplace environment.”



  • Vegan leather upholstery, with branded horizontal detail
  • Chrome or Black powder coated cast aluminium backrest frame design
  • Mechanism – tilting with locking function for upright position
  • Base – Chrome or Black powder coated
  • Castors – twin wheel


  • LIFETIME comprehensive guarantee
  • DURABILITY manufactured to exceed international strength and durability standards.
  • Occupant load rating for commercial or office use up to 140kg.


On the other hand, the Soul chair also joins our meeting and boardroom range.


The Soul Chair

The Soul chair is a meeting and boardroom chair that nicely complements the line up between the Italian collection chair and Rhythm chair. An elegant sitting piece, comfortable and suitable for lengthy meetings. It can be custom upholstered and is readily available in Bronze and Charcoal vegan leather, and Charcoal fabric.



  • Has a rocking mechanism with gas height adjustable base
  • Vegan Leather upholstery


  • LIFETIME comprehensive guarantee on all workplace chairs
  • DURABILITY manufactured to exceed international strength and durability standards.
  • Occupant load rating for commercial or office use up to 140kg.


For enquiries, just reach out to or call 1300 211 900.

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