Did you know that back pain is costing
Australian businesses over $4.8 billion every
year? That’s a problem worth solving.

With the rising health and financial costs associated with muscular skeletal disorders, the importance of preventing and managing poor sitting posture in the workplace is greater than ever.

From a business perspective, it is essential the correct chairs are selected to reduce the ongoing costs from unmanaged posture in the workplace and as a tool to retain & nurture high quality talent.

From an employee perspective, it is essential that a supportive and comfortable chair is used to reduce the health implications associated with back pain, absenteeism and disengagement.

At Corporate Chair Systems our design focus is on creating innovative functional seating to maximize employee wellbeing and performance at work.

This is why many organisations across Australia choose to partner with us. It’s more than just a chair.

Our Story

Since 1989 Corporate Chair Systems have worked with many Corporations, Ergonomists, Architects and Occupational Therapists and are recognised today as an industry thought leader in improving posture & business efficiency within the corporate workplace. Today, this knowledge is being leveraged by many organisations through designers, project managers, and workplace strategists.

Poor posture is the underlying cause of many Musculoskeletal Disorders that are costing Australian businesses every day. This is why Corporate Chair Systems services go well beyond the installation of the chairs for your project. We have ongoing resources for your organisation to ensure the benefits of purchasing the correct Ergonomic office chair will be enhanced by employees receiving correct posture awareness, training and support.

At Corporate Chair Systems, our capabilities are unique in the Australian market, providing a true end to end service for your business.
We are passionate about creating high performance office chairs that are functional in their purpose and creative in their design.

Our passion is to make people more comfortable at work, it’s to create more efficient workplaces, healthier staff and to help businesses achieve greater productivity and profitability.



Nelson D. Morley
Founder, Corporate Chairs Group

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If outside of this area, we welcome your inquiry at clientdelivery@corporatechairs.com.au

For orders in Victoria, Corporate Chair Systems will deliver the chairs directly to your nominated address by one of our team members within 3-7 working days, ready for immediate use.

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