4 Workplace Trends for 2021

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Every year, HR managers and CEOs release their predictions on how workplaces will look in the year ahead and usually, they’re based around design and technology. However, due to the unique year that was 2020, we at CCS have listed down some trends that we’ve noticed will take centre stage in the 2021 working world.
  1. The hybrid workplace

Employers will most likely offer an option for employees to work both at home and in the office. This means that all workers should ensure they have a safe and comfortable work from home space. With this in mind, our Action and Drive chair can help add a pop of colour to a home office while helping to reduce and/or prevent back pain. These 2 chairs are available on our warehouse site allowing for easy individual ergonomic adjustments.


  1. Employers are supporting their employees more than ever

2020 saw Australia go through a recession and global pandemic which pushed employees to believe that their companies should work harder to be part of the solution. For instance, according to Business Insider, Dropbox has now permanently allowed its employees to work from home in response to employees feeling unsafe returning to the office.   To add to that, most companies are now offering employee reimbursements for home office essentials such as an office chair. In fact, our Discover chair has been popular for employees who sit for long periods of time during the day due to the chair’s superior lumbar support, adjustable seat and backrest height.



  1. Rapid shift to Digital Transformation

Satya Nadell, CEO of Microsoft explained how Covid-19 saw Microsoft having “two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”. New common workplace tools include contact tracing and collaborative tools aimed to improve workers mental health by creating a sense of belonging and safety.   Rapid digital transformation will help companies improve efficiency in the new year whether it be improved lead generation or employee collaboration. Or simply put, if businesses are not yet present in the digital world, they’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities.  
Source: Microsoft
  1. Mental Health will take centre stage

Now more than ever, the correlation between mental health and workplace productivity is coming to light.   A study conducted by Oracle found that workers believe that 2020 was the “most stressful year in history” – meaning that HR leaders are now expected more than ever to provide support in new ways. This may include relief for parents by partnering with virtual education opportunities for children studying remotely or simply raising awareness of counselling benefits.   Corporate Chairs Systems hopes to utilise these trends to make 2021 a successful year in all aspects and we hope to aid in any way to deliver your chair and seating needs with our lifetime warranty and quick delivery continuing to prove beneficial to our valuable customers.