Corporate Chairs Systems Through The Years

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Founded in 1989 by Nelson Morley, Corporate Chair Systems just started as a small business with the sole aim of helping organisations achieve a pain-free workplace.

Where It All Began

Corporate Chair Systems Founder, Nelson Morley
In 1989, the company “All Chairs” was established. A friend of Nelson Morley was reconditioning office chairs and encouraged Nelson to start the business. Nelson’s children, Justin, Gavin, Simon and Vicki helped expand and grow the business through the years. They learned what organisations needed when it comes to office chairs and knew how to best cater to their needs.
Corporate Chair Systems started life as a small business called “All Chairs” in 1989
With years of experience in recycling, repairing and manufacturing of office chairs, the business grew and grew. The company has worked for many Corporations, Ergonomists, Architects and Occupational Therapists and are recognised today as an industry thought leader in improving posture and business efficiency within the corporate workplace.

Our Clients

Corporate Chair Systems’ first client was AAMI (Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited), where they needed 150 ergonomic swivel task chairs. Afterwards, the company got orders from Ford in the Geelong Engine Plant and went on internationally to Arup in Singapore.  
Early clients included AAMI, Ford and ARUP

Improving Employee Wellness and Efficiency

For the past 30 years, Corporate Chair Systems has transitioned from being a manufacturer of high-quality chairs to providing staff wellbeing for the employees and the management. The company’s main goal is to help organisations and businesses get the right chairs for their staff by not only providing products but also expert seating advice. As expert consultants, they are there for their clients from the beginning until the end. This is because Corporate Chairs Systems services go well beyond the installation of the chairs for a project. They have ongoing resources for organisations to ensure that the benefits of purchasing the correct Ergonomic office chair will be enhanced by employees receiving correct posture awareness, training and support.