Corporate Chair Systems: 2019 A Year In Review

2019 was a wonderful year at Corporate Chair Systems, and we are thankful for all our clients, partners, and employees for making it a memorable one! What better way to start off a brand new decade than by recognising our wins, both big and small, as one organisation.


62% New Employees joined our team We welcomed new members for our Marketing, Business Development, and Sales team to further help us with serving our clients better in the coming years.   30 years in the business Established since 1989, it has been a thrilling and rewarding experience to be able to provide a healthy workplace for various organisations through our ergonomic and quality task chairs.   5 states we worked in, 136 new and improved workspaces, 12% increase of supply to government departments, 9% increase in completion of education projects We are beyond thankful for all the projects we have closed all around Australia. We are all after helping various organisations, be it businesses, government departments and schools in lifting workplace culture and performance through quality office chairs.   15 new innovative chair models added to our range It was indeed an achievement to have been able to showcase a variety of our chairs on the website. The main intent of this is to guide and help clients and potential new clients to gauge which chair best suits their needs.   32 marketing/ industry insights completed By mid 2019, an initiative was started to constantly develop purposeful content. The goal of this is to consistently develop marketing efforts that showcase our brand and what we stand for, which is the development of healthy workplaces in Australia.   5 new posture improvement R&D initiatives undertaken Part of the company’s vision is to constantly keep up with the latest trends in the design industry and we’re proud to have been able to introduce new product innovations in 2019.   15% increase in manufacturing efficiency A number of chairs were produced by our very own team in the factory, most of which were custom upholstered and were personally catered to our client’s needs.   4.9 star rating on Google Customer satisfaction Our Google Quality score has improved gradually over the months and we are thankful for all our happy clients who have supported us these past few years.  

What an exciting year it has been, and we are all excited for what 2020 has to offer!

2019 A Year In Review | Corporate Chair Systems