Are Mesh Chairs any Good? Understanding the Common Misconceptions about Mesh Chairs

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When it comes to selecting a chair for an office space or even a home office (for those working from home), it’s common for buyers and chair specifiers to go with a mesh chair rather than a fabric or a leather one. This is because they’re considered more aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes, they could be considered as more comfortable and the chair’s mesh upholstery allows the flow of fresh air – enabling a cool comfort for users. Basically, there’ll be no sweaty and sticky backs for you after long hours of sitting. However, for some, mesh chairs can be a bit problematic. Learn about the notions people have about mesh chairs and how to prevent and avoid them.  
  1. They’re “uncomfortable”


Oftentimes, a mesh-backed chair can be either too soft or too hard. Soft mesh-backed chairs are most definitely comfortable but can eventually sag and might impact one’s posture over time. This is because the mesh will eventually stretch and when seated over and over, will lead to sagging. On the other hand, firm mesh-backed chairs can also be too hard and could wear out clothing.  

Our solution: The Hero mesh chair manufactured at Corporate Chairs are neither too soft nor too hard. Being in the industry for more than 30 years, our team of experts in design and functional workplace seating, have ensured that the Hero chair has the right balance between sagginess and stiffness. Also, the Hero chair can be adjusted to cater to many different body sizes and shapes. Explore our Hero Mesh chair here. Check out the Hero’s success stories on this link.        
  1. Mesh material might damage clothes

Mesh upholstery may damage different types of clothing, but this doesn’t mean all kinds of mesh do this. It is vital to understand that there is a wide range of mesh that manufacturers use in producing chairs, as Mesh is an upholstery made completely out of man-made materials. Solution: Quality mesh-backed chairs are smoother as compared to some of the generic ones. As such, quality mesh helps reduce the chances of ruining your clothing. See our wide range of Mesh chairs produced from quality mesh here. One last thing to consider is having bulky and pointy items in your pocket when seated. These are items like a cell phone or car keys should be avoided to prevent damaging the mesh.  
  1. Easily gets dirty

The positive thing about mesh chairs is that they usually come in black or dark colours, so trying to keep it neat and clean won’t be too difficult. However, proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your chair won’t end up getting all dirty and stained. Solution: Prevention, regular checking and complete maintenance by vacuuming is the best way to keep your mesh chair clean. But one must be extra careful and gentle when doing so. Simple sacrifices such as not spilling food and not wearing filthy or muddy clothing when seated are things that you should commit to.   We hope that these clarifications and simple solutions were able to shed some light on the benefits of mesh chairs and how you can better take care and maintain them. For more information, explore our complete Mesh back chair range on the link below or call 1300 211 9000. You may also send an email to for free consultations.