4 Quick & Easy Ways to Create an Enjoyable ‘Back-to-Work’ Experience

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Over the course of this year, we have all been accustomed to zoom calls and have experienced trading in suit pants for pyjama bottoms. But as 2021 is fast approaching, I’m sure we’re all looking into the new year excitedly, as many offices begin to welcome back employees with open arms (more likely a wave in this current climate ). The necessary restrictions put in place in all offices to create a safe environment, such as plastic screens and social distancing measures may not provide the sense of normalcy that many workers hope for. But to combat this, we’ve put up 4 quick and easy ideas businesses can utilise to ensure employees feel welcome and comfortable back in the office.
  • Why not surprise workers with new furniture or art upon their return such as our Laugh Chairs in a blue pp shell and blue frame (as seen below) to start a conversation between employees and brighten up the office.
Photo Courtesy of: Villawood Properties
  • Organise a ‘mask contest’ in the office or virtually to promote good habits among workers and to create some healthy competition.
Photo Courtesy of: The Guardian
  • For most companies, not everyone will instantly be back in the office. So, for those colleagues of yours who are still working from home, try launching a challenge for the most picturesque and practical remote work set-up showcasing how employees may be preventing back pain through an ergonomic chair. Our Rhythm and Hero chair has been a popular addition for many workers to make their work-from-home experience more enjoyable.
Rhythm Chair & Hero Chair
  • Self-isolation and quarantining during the pandemic may have affected your employees’ mental health so human resource teams should be aware of the potential effects and have resources ready for help. This could include informing managers of warning signs to look for or creating an open conversation about mental health with employees.

All of the above will assist any business in bringing a bit of joy to a situation many may find worrying and uncertain while still abiding to government restrictions.

We, at Corporate Chairs, would love to offer a helping hand to support your business in lifting employee wellbeing and morale through offering you with ergonomic office chairs. And hopefully in some way, help your employees’ return-to-work experience more enjoyable.