Here’s how you can take care of your upholstered chair

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Quality office chairs are pretty hard to find. We say this because although there are a number of places where you can easily access chairs, finding quality ones can be tricky. That is why Corporate Chairs take pride in being able to provide quality office chairs Australia wide. It’s different for us. We say this because we know the importance of using a supportive, high quality ergonomic chair. It prevents you from experiencing back and neck pains and encourages productivity both in the workplace and when you work from home. That is our belief. If you’re going to invest in a high-quality office chair, then you better know how to maintain and clean them – after all, they’re an investment. We’re here to fill you in on how to keep your upholstered chair looking its best!

1) Regularly vacuum clean your upholstered chairs

Just like any other furniture, office chairs Australia to Europe, and anywhere around the world need to be cleaned from time to time. As time passes, dirt, dust and all other surrounding factors affect a chair’s quality. That is why a good way to prolong the lifespan of your upholstered chair is by regularly vacuum cleaning them. This will remove dirt and dust from the surface and prevent it from embedding itself in the fibres of the fabric. If neglected, it could fully damage your chair and even leave dark stains.  

2) Watch over your leather chairs

Genuine cowhide leather is composed of a natural material. As a result of this, leather becomes even more beautiful over time, as it ages. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require care. First, cleaning your leather chair with soap and warm water every 3-5 months would do the trick. Warm water simply helps maintain both vegan leather & genuine cowhide leather upholstery. Second, we strongly recommend applying leather conditioner to your chair. The purpose of this is to help keep the leather soft and protected. More importantly, the conditioner protects the surface from stains, deepens its colour and enhances the leather’s patina. Adding the conditioner twice a year would suffice but if the chair is exposed to the sun, you should apply it at least three or four times.  

3) Invest on good cleaning products

On the other hand, fabric upholstered chairs don’t just require warm water and soap. Instead, investing in stain protection products is encouraged. This is because in most cases, stains don’t just go away with only water and soap. There are actually a number of options to choose from, a good example of this is the 3M Scotchguard. These cleaning products don’t cost much and could even save you a lot of money in the long run. Tip: if you’re using a new cleaning product, test it out first on a small area of the chair to be sure. All cleaning products have different chemicals so testing them out would be more ideal. Do a test-clean underneath the seat of your chair, that way, if ever it leaves a permanent stain (hopefully not!), it still won’t get noticed.

4) Make use of a non-abrasive cloth

After doing the necessary cleaning to your chair, wait for the chair to dry and then wipe the different surfaces with a non-abrasive cloth. Of course, each material would differ so just ensure that you’re using the right type of cloth. Here are some examples of non-abrasive cloth that you can refer to:
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Copper microfiber cloth
  • Absorbent cloth

5) Avoid direct sunlight on your upholstered chairs

When setting up your home office or your office space, try your best not to expose your desk to direct sunlight. The ultraviolet ray of the sun affects your chair in numerous ways – it can degrade its fabric and material quicker than usual, resulting it to fade and dry out. You won’t notice it at first because it doesn’t happen overnight. But rather the fading out takes time and could damage your chair completely, without even noticing it. Simple ways like, closing the curtains or blinds during the day would work. Most especially office chairs Australia wide, they need to be strategically placed due to our ever-changing weather.
You’ll notice that these home office have blinds and curtains that can work as a protection for your chairs.

We hope this was helpful! At Corporate Chairs, all products are covered with a warranty so we’ll definitely look after you.

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