Corporate Chair Systems: 2021 A Year In Review

While the past 2 years may have been different for all of us due the ongoing pandemic, we’re still thankful and optimistic for what’s ahead. Last year taught us a lot of things and it made us stronger, and much more equipped. We are grateful for all our clients, partners, and employees who have been with us along the way. But first, let’s take a moment to look at how 2021 went for us!  

32 years in the business

Established in July 1989, Corporate Chairs continues to provide a healthy workplace for various organisations through our ergonomic desk chairs and quality task and boardroom chairs.  

151 Home offices assisted

It’s been 2 years now since we launched our e-commerce site where we made available our warehouse products and some of our ergonomic desk chairs . We’re glad and grateful that we were able to provide quality chairs to individuals and work from home employees, apart from just businesses.  

2 new and improved workspaces, 6 government departments serviced, 3 education projects completed, 6 states & 1 territory we worked in

Our team is very pleased and thrilled to be able to complete projects around Australia for various industries where we’re able to help lift workplace culture and performance through quality seating.  

4% new employees joined our team

We welcomed an upholsterer who now assists our founder, Nelson Morley in creating high quality custom chairs and ergonomic desk chairs as well as a sales associate who handles our incoming clients and customers.  

5 new innovative chair models added to our range

3 new chairs were added to our task chair range – the Wave, Ripple and Maverick chair. All of which are mesh chairs that can certainly offer support and comfort for you in the office or when working from home.   We also introduced the Soul and Memory Stitched Replica chair to our boardroom range. The Soul chair is a meeting and boardroom chair that nicely complements the line up between the Italian collection chair and Rhythm chair. And the Memory Stitched Replica is a departure from the traditional solid seat shell and evolved to support a stretched seat back suspension upholstery method.  

9% increase in operational efficiency

A number of new systems were put in place for operations, as part of our lean manufacturing initiative.  

15 Marketing/ industry insights completed

One of our goals for 2021 was to improve on our reach through focusing more on thought leadership pieces and purposeful content such as employee well-being and safety, workplace culture, ongoing trends and ergonomics.  

4.9 star rating on Google Customer satisfaction

To this date, our rating on Google is at 4.9 stars with a total of 107 positive reviews, a significant increase as compared to the year prior.   2021 taught us a lot of things. One, that change is inevitable and the only way to overcome them is by adapting to change. Second, having a growth mindset is key no matter the circumstance. Meaning, you should be able to learn how to bounce back from failures and setbacks. And lastly, providing value to both customers and internal employees helps businesses stand out from their competitors.   With these learnings in mind, we welcome 2022 with excitement and positivity as we find new avenues and opportunities for achieving healthier workplaces for everyone.

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