A Better Workplace for Government Departments and the Public Sector

Apart from businesses and organisations, Corporate Chairs is thankful for being given the opportunity to assist government departments and various public sector organisations in achieving healthier workplaces. With employees having work that requires them to be seated in front of their desks from 6 to 8 hours a day, back and neck pains are common. That is why in order to prevent musculoskeletal diseases from progressing, we’re here to provide long-term solutions to these problems. We do this through our ongoing support for our valued clients. After we’ve assessed your needs and have provided you with the best chair that suits your needs, we continue to look out for you through correct posture awareness, training, and support. In this way, we get to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of your office and ergonomic desk chair.

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Our passion is to help people be more comfortable at work, to create more efficient workplaces, healthier staff and to help organisations achieve greater productivity and profitability through our ergonomic desk chairs. . Check out our clients:  

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