Ergonomics Simplified – What Exactly Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Ergonomic office chair
Ergonomics can be defined in so many ways but we’re not here to bore you with scientific explanations. In fact, we just want you to know the basics and how it impacts you in your daily life. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Ergonomics Then

This all dates back to 400 BC where stadiums in Ancient Greek civilization were designed in a way that would suit people’s comfort. The curved spaces were intended for the lower legs to help lessen numbness and facilitate foot movement. Apart from this, chairs had contoured backrests that resemble today’s designs. Back then, Ergonomics meant creating and refining tools and resources for the sole purpose of developing usability and human – centred designs. Resources:  

Ergonomics Now

Ergonomics can be simply defined as designing for people. Look at it this way – ergonomics is evident everywhere. Everything in your office, from the equipment to the placement of resources fall under ergonomics. These things are considered and designed for comfort, efficiency and safety for the purpose of reducing risk. Based from our experience, here are the main components of Ergonomics:
  • Resources/ materials used in the workplace. These include your chair, desk, keyboard, and screen which should be positioned in a way that best suits you.
  • The workplace set up – the focus for this is on the proximity and position of your resources towards you. The chair’s features, the desk’s size and height are all important.
  • Environment – Factors such as proper lighting and access to appropriate temperature fall under this.
  • Working position/ behaviour – how you sit and stand while at work.

Ergonomics in Australia

So why does this even matter to you? By simply knowing your right to an ergonomic workplace can change you completely. In fact, current Australian workplace legislations look after the health and wellbeing of employees in various work settings. As an example, the Victoria State Government believes that a well-designed workstation can reduce the risk of injury. Which is why they undergo workstation risk assessments and check for OHS compliances. In essence, ensuring you’re in a safe space is what ergonomics is about. It’s been going on for centuries to this date and that’s what we at Corporate Chairs believe in. And, as chair manufacturers, our main focus is on being able to help employers and employees, select the right chair as a start. Once you’re able to find a chair that matches your anthropometric measures (body type), everything else will flow. As a result, will help increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace – whether you’re in the office or working from home.  

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