Here are 4 compelling facts why companies have switched to Ergonomic Office Chairs

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For starters, ergonomics is the science of arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they are suitable and within reach to the people who use them. According to Dohrmann Consulting, Ergonomics aims to improve workspaces and environments to minimise the risk of injury of harm. Given this, ergonomic seating is a need and not just a luxury. More and more organisations are realising its relevance and importance in the workplace. In fact, here are 4 compelling facts why they have switched to ergonomic office chairs.
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4 compelling facts why companies have switched to ergonomic chairs
1. You can save significantly on business costs. Aside from helping employees in the workplace become more productive, Ergonomic chairs help in preventing future back-pain related injuries and illnesses. Based on our experience, we’ve helped an organisation who selected a chair that did not offer the level of adjustment and support required to meet the wide range of needs of their workforce. As a result, we had to replace 25% of their original chairs in 10 months which was an unexpected expense to the company. Hence, any prevention steps to counter situations like this is definitely a big help to any organisation.   2. Customisable to fit each user’s needs Each employee has their own body type and size —weight, height & everything else. Thankfully, ergonomic chairs are able to fully achieve the required level of adjustment and support from the chairs. It has adjustable seat height, seat depth, back height, and height adjustable armrests that are all catered to prevent future injuries in the workplace.   3. Improved health and well-being of employees According to the Chief Executive of WorkCover, Mr Bill Mountford, each year for the past five years, WorkCover has seen between 17,000 and 18,000 Victorian’s injured at work via a sprain, strain or back injury. This then can lead to distraction, decrease in productivity, health issues and bad days. Ergonomic chairs prevent and assist in correcting these kinds of concerns in the workplace through its customisable features to suit each person’s needs, preventing back pain and joint pain.   4. Absenteeism has decreased among employees Based on a study done by Safe Work Australia, the rate of absenteeism due to health reasons was 1.8 times greater in those with back or neck pain compared to those without back or neck pain. This equated to 73 additional hours lost per year among those with back or neck pain compared to those without back or neck pain. Ergonomics in the workplace will help reduce this by providing chairs that conform to the body’s shape, support the spine and keep joints in the correct position. This ensures that workers stay healthy enough to perform at work.   Organisations that have implemented ergonomic office chairs in their workplace have helped maximise employee efficiency and increase employee morale.

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