How (and Why) You Can Support Your Staff Remotely

home office chairs
Looking into 2021, working from home is looking more long-term than ever which is why a lot companies are now providing subsidies for employees’ home office setups to aid staff in having a productive and comfortable environment. Having said this, CCS aims to support businesses in supplying their staff with quality ergonomic chairs to ensure they receive maximum comfort for working from home.

Benefits of Having An Ergonomic Workspace At Home


How Can We Help?

Right now, various companies are offering support to their staff through reimbursements of home office set ups. A good example of this would be Google, who recently offered their employees up to $1,000 in reimbursements for work-from-home gear – a good sign that they are looking after their staff. 
Source: CNBC.COM
If you are thinking of doing the same for your staff but don’t know where to begin, you can rely on our friendly sales consultants! They would be more than happy to assist you and even reach out to each of your employees and provide them with ergonomic chair recommendations that fully suit their measurements and needs. Alternatively, our warehouse page is easily accessible with various chair options at different price points to cater to any budget caps your business may have. Corporate Chair Systems also delivers to both business and home addresses to make things more efficient. Meaning, a business may make a single bulk order, but get the chairs delivered ready for immediate office use (no assembly required) to multiple locations helping to reduce the work involved for our customers.

Popular Chairs For Working From Home

 Our Wink chair is popular among home offices due to its aesthetic and clean look while the lumbar shaped mesh backrest offers excellent support. The Drive chair offers features like adjustable seat depth and multi-functional arm rests allowing for a comfortable chair for workers sitting for long periods of time. Better yet, access our best-selling ergonomic and workstation chairs below.