Our Most Iconic Office Picks from Movies & Shows

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Have you ever seen a series or movie and you notice how aesthetically pleasing their offices are? Well, you’re not alone! Since we’re an office chair manufacturer close to Melbourne, we personally have an eye for detail when it comes to workspaces, offices, and boardrooms that we see on screen. Most especially in today’s time where working from home is prevalent, seeing pretty and cool offices just makes us miss the good ‘ol days where everyone goes to an actual office, and works at an actual desk, and even eat with colleagues at an actual office cafeteria. Therefore, we’re excited to share our most iconic office picks from movies and television!

#1: FRIENDS – Chandler Bing’s office

“Could this office get any more iconic?” as what Monica or Joey would say. Kidding aside, for FRIENDS fans out there, Chandler’s office was definitely an office to remember. We saw him progress from that small cubicle to his very own office space. And we know he works long hours doing IT work, so he deserves an office chair that is ergonomic and has adjustable features just like our Magic chair. Office chairs Melbourne wide commonly use this chair as it is known to be comfortable for long periods of seating.

#2: Devil Wears Prada

Miranda, the editor-in-chief of a well-respected fashion magazine in New York surely knows how to style her office. We are obsessed with this modern-looking office, styled with an executive chair. If you’re after this look for your space, we highly recommend or newly-released Soul Chair or Rhythm chair for that fabulous boss-girl touch. For easier reference, Melbourne office chair orders usually just take 5 – 7 days to deliver while interstate usually takes 7-13 days.

#3: Emily in Paris

Working in Paris is a dream come true for Emily and we envy her! Gothic architecture mixed with modern interior design is every architect’s dream and we see it in this show’s office setting. We think it’s very much similar to Melbourne’s office renaissance looking buildings too. On the inside, Savoir’s headquarters look is chic, hip and fun as seen in their pink and grey tones. If you’d like to do the same for your space, check out our Italian collection chair range.

#4: The Intern

For those who’ve seen “The Intern”, this movie shows how a 70-year-old man can still be relevant in today’s fast-paced life where work-life-balance can be hard. In this film we see how bright, fun and appealing their office is through warm tones and natural light. Every employee has a comfortable mesh chair which definitely matches their workplace. Our Hero chair may be a similar option for you, should you go for this bright and appealing workplace. Most office chairs Melbourne to Sydney and across Australia prefer mesh chairs because they’re breathable and more aesthetically pleasing.  

There goes our short list! We hope you had fun reading about these iconic office spaces. If you need office chairs Melbourne or Australia wide, we’re more than happy to assist. We don’t just manufacture chairs for you, but we make sure that we select the best chair for you or your workplace.


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