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Corporate Chair Systems design and manufacture office chairs with the primary goal of reducing back and neck pain. We believe that preventing and managing poor sitting posture in the workplace lifts workplace culture and performance. We don’t just sell office chairs for the sake of gaining profit, but instead we find joy in knowing that we are able to help to make a difference, one chair at a time.

Our office chairs are an investment as they are manufactured and personally assembled by our team in our factory in regional Victoria. Each chair has been carefully crafted, assessed for quality checks, and for some, custom-made to suit any body type.

This is why very chair made and delivered at your doorstep, helps small Australian businesses like us during this time.

These chairs are an investment and they last a lifetime, if handled with care. And as a special treat and to cater to employees and workers who work remotely, we are putting some of our office chairs on sale.

We know that as a result of the pandemic, a lot of you are now working from home. You can find our extensive range of office chairs, executive chairs, boardroom chairs, student chairs and even visitor chairs on sale. Just kindly note that these chairs on sale may be warehouse soiled.

If you’re into ergonomic chairs, you may choose between the Discover chair (one of our best-selling chairs) or the Action chair, which is a crowd favourite for its lumbar support and comfy feature.

If you’re more after aesthetics and the overall look of the chair for your home office, explore our range of boardroom chairs. Our top picks would be the Rhythm chair, Memory stitched chairs and Power chairs.

Now if you think you’ll be sitting in that chair for long periods of time, we highly recommend our mesh chairs. With the summer season just around the corner, it is ideal to go for a chair that has a breathable backrest feature. Chairs with this feature provide better ventilation for an occupant’s lower back, guaranteeing you’re safe in humid and warm environments.

But if you’re after more great deals, browse through our visitor chairs and versa drawers. They’re all on sale! Our wing lunchroom chairs go as low as $55 dollars.

These executive chairs and office chairs for sale are delivered Australia-wide but has restrictions on outer suburbs. For more information, check our delivery details here. For orders in Victoria, Corporate Chair Systems will deliver the chairs directly to your nominated address by one of our team members within 3-7 working days, ready for immediate use. For NSW, QLD, Tasmania and SA, orders will immediately be shipped to your nominated address within 6-11 days, ready for immediate use. For Perth orders, please give us a call at 1300 211 900 or send us an email at so that we can process the order to your nominated address within 10-14 days, ready for immediate use.

If you’re not sure about your area, we would happily welcome your inquiry at

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