Better Late Than Never: Watch Over Your Spine’s Health

Chairs with back support
Curious to know what happens to your spine when you sit? Sitting in an incorrect chair causes the spine to lose its equilibrium.  As a result, the spinal muscles are forced to work harder in order to maintain balance.  This significantly increases static muscle work.  Over time, muscle fatigue may cause muscular discomfort and potential spasms. At the same time, the healthy curve in the lower back flattens, causing the lumbar discs to compress. Also, as only the outer rings of the disc have pain sensitive nerve endings, it is possible to be unaware of any damage until it is well underway. The lumbar, or lower back, is the third major region of the spine, normally consisting of five vertebrae. Each vertebra is stacked on top of the other and between each verterbra is a gel-like cushion called a disc. The discs work to absorb pressure and prevent the vertebrae from grinding against each other. Given this, if you continue to sit with little or incorrect support, the risks of long-term health issues are greatly increased. You may not know this, but inadequately designed office chairs are common in Australia and around the world. These poorly made chairs lead up to serious health implications for individuals & major costs to businesses annually in Australia. Prevent this from happening while you can. Since 1989, Corporate Chair Systems has developed the manufacturing of true ergonomic office seating – making it possible to enjoy the positive benefits of the sitting position. Give us a call at 1300 211 900 to consult us about the most suitable chair for you, free of charge. We’re all about looking after your health and well-being.