Thinking of Getting a Home Office Chair? Make sure to avoid these 5 Common Mistakes

home office chairs
Part of today’s ‘new normal’ is the fact that many employees all over the world are now working from home. Without a doubt, working from home will be here to stay as we’ve found that it can actually work and even save the employer and employee time and money, or simply because no one is aware of when things will go back to the way they were. As a result of this, people are finding ways to make their new work set-up work for them. And one main thing that people often overlook is what kind of chair to use as they embark on their new life of spending hours sitting in their home office.   To help employees on their chair purchase journey, we’ve simplified 5 key things to avoid when choosing an office chair.   1. Focusing too much on price rather than quality It’s a common misconception that office chairs and ergonomic chairs are too overpriced, throwing off buyers from actually getting high quality chairs. As a consequence, a customer ends up buying a really cheap chair from a department store, only to find that after a few months, their chair has broken down somehow. And what’s worse is that it can put your posture and health at risk. A pro tip from us: Never sacrifice quality and good posture just to save on cost. High quality task chairs can be purchased within the range of approximately $220 to $650 to suit whatever your budget may be. It’s just a matter of what feature/s you prioritise most in a chair. For instance, its adjustable features and the materials used. Remember, you will be seated in this chair for long hours of the day, almost every day, so investing in a good one should be of utmost importance.   2. Neglecting Warranty Overtime, task chairs often require replacement of parts or some tweaks and adjustments. Chair manufacturers who specialise in task seating provide warranties to help protect the user and to let them make the most out of their seating experience. It’s best to keep this in mind when purchasing your first chair as it gives you that extra assurance, should things happen to your product. Corporate Chair Systems is proud to back up their customers with an industry best lifetime guarantee, to give you, the original purchaser, peace of mind for life.   3. Size doesn’t matter Never assume that chairs are a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. When looking for a chair, it is ideal to measure yourself and look at the following specifications:
  1. Chair Load Rating: It tells you a chair’s weight capacity
  2. Lumbar curve range: Tells us the measurement of the chair’s lumbar for spine health
  3. Back width & height
  4. Seat depth & width
In doing so, we will be able to ensure that the chair will be a good fit for you, rather than it being too big or too small for your body type. To make things easier for you, Corporate Chairs can give you chair recommendations once you provide us with your body measurements.   4. Forgetting what a chair is all about: adjustments

We know that shopping for just about anything can be exciting, including chairs. Consequently, the first thing that draws us to buy something is how it looks.

But what we’d like to stress is that choosing a chair’s aesthetics over its functionality is a no-no!

You may like what you see and how your chair goes well with your home office, but is it even worth buying if it compromises your comfort and posture? Ensure your purchase has ergonomic adjustments first, before you start deciding on the aesthetics and look that you want.

  5. Floor surface A chair’s castor plays an important when selecting a chair. If overlooked, it could result in unexpected costs for the business. For instance, inexpensive chairs often have hard plastic wheels resulting in damaged floor surfaces. In order to prevent this, always review your floor surface. What’s great about a chair manufacturer such as ourselves is that we are able to provide purpose specified castor options – either soft or hard tyred, or black or chrome finish to help protect your floor from getting damaged. Now that you know the 5 key things to avoid when getting your first chair, you are now fully equipped with deciding the best chair to fit you and your needs. Have a look at our main site and warehouse site now for great chair options!