Why is everybody investing in a quality office chair for their home office?

home office chair
The lockdown has caused a lot of changes around the world. –This includes how people live at home, purchase a product, and work from home.  At home, consumers have been resetting their purchase and home patterns, according to a recent data conducted by Nielsen. For instance, the return of home cooking and baking, coffee creation at home, and home self-care remedies. When it comes to purchasing products, the online world has gone up the roof as everyone adheres to social distancing measures. Hence, having all their shopping needs delivered at their doorstep. At work, most employees are now at home, finding ways to make their home office a productive and comfortable place. Spike in Office Chairs According to an article by The Age, aside from computer monitors and standing desks, office chairs have been selling out in various stores as employees set up their home offices. Coming from our Analytics data, common searches on Google from March to May 2020 include “office chairs”, home office”, “chairs on sale” etc. It is obvious that there are more employees working from home right now more than usual. In fact, we have seen growth in inquiries about office seating and desk chairs ever since February up to this date in our website and warehouse site. Most of our chairs are sold out within just a few weeks, including our Mesh8, Boost and Drive chair. If you’re planning to start your work from home journey now, you can start with our remaining best-selling home office chairs on our warehouse site. See below.
  1. Discover (in Black, Grey Mesh and White Mesh)
  2. Memory Medium Padded (in Ivory)
  3. Memory High Padded (in Ivory and White)
  4. Design 4 (in White)
  5. Wink Task Chair
Comfort is a must for Productivity As people start working remotely, one thing to consider is comfort and support. It is essential for a workplace to have good lighting, a proper desk, a computer, and of course, a comfortable and supportive chair. A lot of people find it hard to get things done if the current environment they are in is distracting. One main cause of distraction include back and neck pains. This could be caused by working in your bed or working in a stool with no back support whatsoever. In order to overcome this, it is best to invest in the right home office chair. For starters, investing on the right chair should at least provide these 3 main features: 1) lumbar support, 2) seat adjustment, and 3) height adjustment. Our Hero chair is one of the best if you’d like to achieve zero backpain as it helps in correctly supporting a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Explore more about it through this link. Now is the best time to invest in your Home Office Chair As of now, no one really knows when things will fully go back to normal. Investing in anything at home is never really a waste as its use will last for years, even a lifetime. And anything that has got to do with improving one’s work from home set up will reap its long-term benefits. Namely, good posture, better work environment, can be passed on to your kids. Explore our chairs on sale now through our warehouse site. Hurry while stocks last! We offer home deliveries in order to adhere to social-distancing regulations and to keep you safe.
  1. For orders in Victoria, Corporate Chair Systems will deliver the chairs directly to your nominated address by one of our team members within 3-7 working days, ready for immediate use.
  2. For NSW, QLD, Tasmania and SA, orders will immediately be shipped to your nominated address within 5-7 days, ready for immediate use.
  3. For Perth orders, please give us a call at 1300 211 900 or send us an email at sales@corporatechairs.com.au so that we can process the order to your nominated address within 7-10 days, ready for immediate use.
Please feel free to reach out to any of our sales team members by calling us at 1300 211 900 or email us at sales@corporatechairs.com.au.       Sources: https://www.nielsen.com/au/en/insights/webinar/2020/life-in-rebound-what-will-living-a-new-normal-look-like-in-the-pacific/ https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/standing-desks-monitors-sell-out-as-australia-starts-working-from-home-20200316-p54aiv.html