Case Study: Why this ‘Australian Based Energy Wholesaler’ shifted to Ergonomic Office Chairs

With a workforce of several hundred employees in their Melbourne Head Office, selecting a workplace chair that didn’t have independent adjustability has incurred significant ongoing costs to the organisation. The majority of this company’s employees are workstation based and sit throughout the day. In a workforce of this size, there are many shapes and sizes, representing a significant challenge in selecting a chair that will meet everyone’s unique needs. Before reaching out to Corporate Chair Systems, this company went ahead in purchasing an internationally renowned high-end self-adjusting task chair for their employees. As with many well branded task chairs imported into Australia today, this chair was marketed as a functional ergonomic solution to them. Unfortunately, when their multi floor refurbishment was completed, in just a couple of days, a few of their employees raised concerns over their new task chairs. Specifically, they could not achieve the required level of adjustment and support from the chairs. Moreover, this company’s internal OHS team were soon receiving more requests to replace the standard task chair. These requests were passed through our team at Corporate Chair Systems, and following on-site due diligence, the employees were provided with a more adjustable and supportive chair. After several months on, Corporate Chair Systems have responded to weekly requests resulting in the replacement of over 100 of the original task chairs. Impact: Large
  1. % of original chairs replaced within several months
  2. Many many disruptive chair related business hours = 81 business hours
  3. Total chair replacement costs so far = several thousands
Why? This because the original chair selected at the project stage did not offer the level of adjustment required to meet the wide range of needs from a workforce of this size. What we’ve realised in this case study is that you don’t have to go through the same thing. You just have to be 3 steps ahead when it comes to purchasing chairs for your staff. Just reach out to our team and we will be here to guide you in your ensuring that your employees are provided with the right chairs to suit their needs. For more information, explore our complete chair range on the link below or call 1300 211 9000. You may also send an email to for free consultations.