High Performing Chairs for High Performing People

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Corporate Chairs caters to government departments, various public sector organisations, educational institutions, and small to large businesses. Just recently, we’re happy to share that we were able to provide chairs to a new industry, the real estate space.   The real estate industry in Australia has been growing rapidly and as a result, more and more opportunities arise for agents, homeowners, and homebuyers. Now, you may be thinking, how can chairs benefit those who are in the real estate industry then?  

Promoting productivity in real estate HQs

Meetings are a safe space where colleagues brainstorm and throw fresh and new ideas with each other which is why it is vital to keep an ambience that drives inspiration.

As an example, it is evident in Villawood Properties Headquarters that they’ve done just that. We are loving the creative graffiti wall matched with our unique light blue pp shell-coloured laugh chairs in blue frame. The Laugh chairs are customisable and are available in various frame options to suit your brand.


Improving posture & business efficiency

We’ve recently supplied our Hero chairs to the sales offices of Porter Davis. These chairs are for the agents and associates who work full hours at their desk who need an ergonomic chair to support and prevent possible musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor posture.

Apart from this, the goal of our supportive ergonomic chairs is to boost business efficiency and ensure employee wellbeing.


Providing comfort and support for work-from-home-staff

Did you know that we are going on our third year of supplying warehouse products and some of our ergonomic desk chairs to work from home employees? And in this span of time, it has been really fulfilling to see all the home offices we’ve assisted. More than 151 offices have now been provided with our chairs and knowing we’ve helped these homes has been rewarding. It’s what keeps us motivated to help more people be comfortable and prevent poor posture.

We hope to be able to assist and help more people in various industries as we strive to achieve healthier workplaces, one chair at a time.


For enquiries, feel free to reach out to sales@corporatehairs.com.au or call 1300 211 900.