Should I get a standing desk or not?

Ergonomic Office Chair
You may have heard from somewhere that ‘sitting is the new smoking’ but is this really the case? Are standing desks really the much-needed solution to this problem? Let’s quickly find out. The ultimate answer to this is that both standing desks and sitting can equally be positive and negative to health and productivity. It all just stems from proper use – which, frankly, is significantly harder for standing desks.

The pros and cons of standing desks


– One of the main benefits of sit/stand desks is that it can help with musculoskeletal issues such as lower back pain. This is because alternating between sitting and standing positions relieves muscle tension.

– Prevents you from falling asleep

– Lets you stay active

– Lowers risk of weight gain and obesity

– Excessively standing in the same position without movement can put a lot of pressure on the lower part of the body, especially legs and feet. This can lead to fatigue and muscle fatigue.

– Using a standing desk can be detrimental for employees working on a laptop rather than a PC. As the lower eye level encourages users to lean in, leading to bad posture.

– Might take a while getting used to standing while working

– Could cost more

– May require matting on the floor to reduce fatigue which could also become an OHS hazard

It really is a matter of preference and there are other ways to prevent problems associated with bad posture. To add, just like any change or intervention, it can come with side effects. So, if you’re suddenly going to shift from sitting to standing while working, you may run the risk of developing back, leg or foot pain. Make sure not to rush into it, but rather, ease into it.

Moreover, for certain tasks and job roles – such as those requiring fine motor skills, sitting might be the better option.

If you ask us, the main thing that you can do is invest in a high quality, ergonomic office chair that encourages correct posture due to the lumbar support and adjustable features to ensure the chair fits the individual perfectly.

Our sales consultants are always available to offer recommendations based on size, height and of course colour preferences.

Some of our favourite task chairs for long periods of sitting include the following:

  • The Action chair has adjustable seat height, depth, and backrest and is upholstered in a range of colours.
  • The Rhythm chair gives a more modern aesthetic with its fluid lines of aluminium curve rhythmically revealing a refined silhouette. It’s been very popular lately for work from home employees.

  • The Wink Chair is one of our popular mesh chairs. The intuitive synchronised mechanism enables the chair to move with the body, delivering a comfortable sitting experience.
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