What happens to old chairs?

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As a manufacturer of office, boardroom and reception chairs, most of you may wonder where old chairs end up. Our team is proactively doing whatever they can do to minimise waste. Check out our existing sustainability efforts in the list below:

1) Donate

Our doors are open if you know of any non-profit or small organisation who need office, boardroom and reception chairs. Over the years, we have donated old chairs to local council subsidiaries, C.F.A. charities and small organisations. The most recent organisation was for HRCC in Daylesford where they needed a quantity of chairs to sell which helped raise funds for their community.  

2) Repairs

In some cases, parts of old chairs are also used to repair other chairs. This ensures that the chair’s quality isn’t compromised. For your peace of mind, all chairs that are repurposed are quality checked and we make sure that they are suitable for use. In this way, resources are being used sustainably and helps reduce waste.  

3) Recycle

Cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, steel & aluminium are also recycled. Our team in the factory, properly segregates these things to ensure that resources are properly being managed and recycled. Part of our brand values is watching over the environment and be it big or small, we try our best to do what we can to protect it.

4) Goes on sale!

Also, every year, we put some of our office, boardroom and reception chairs on sale so that individuals like yourself can grab a hold of them!  This means that if you are working from home, you can easily purchase them for you and your loved ones. These include task chairs, student chairs and stools. Bulk of the chairs sold on our warehouse shop are usually samples or discontinued models. Most of them are still brand new and some may slightly be warehouse soiled. These chairs go on sale for up to 70% off, so feel free to scroll through our warehouse shop on this link. We deliver to the following locations around Australia, but if you are located outside of the mentioned locations, feel free to reach out to us at clientdelivery@corporatechairs.com.   To guide you, our best-selling chairs are as follows:

Make sure to check them out while stocks last!

For enquiries, you may call 1300 211 900 or send an email to sales@corporatechairs.com.au